The Commission closed its investigation into two cooperation schemes of ship owners, European Minibulk eG and Container Feeder eG. The two maritime cooperatives established in Germany aimed at coordinating certain activities of the owners of minibulk and container feeder vessels, including the joint purchasing of inputs such as fuel, mainly in Northern Europe. The Commission started the investigations into the two cooperatives in January 2012 after receiving information from the market. The Commission was initially concerned that a compensation system set up for owners laying-up their vessels (i.e. keeping them idle) would give them an incentive to withdraw capacity from the market in breach of Article 101 TFEU. Furthermore, the Commission was concerned that an information exchange scheme could have enabled the coordination of rates between competitors. After negotiations with the Commission the cooperatives agreed to abandon these two aspects of their cooperation before they had been implemented. Therefore, the Commission was able to close the case without initiating formal proceedings. Source: Commission Press Release 31/1/2013