Anti-corruption police arrest ex-SNC-lavalin CEO Pierre Duhaime

Pierre Duhaime, former CEO of SNC –LAVALIN, was arrested on November 28 for fraud and forgery.  Mr. Duhaime was dismissed from the company after an internal audit discovered US$56 million in untraceable payments made to commercial agents for two unspecified projects.  In addition, Ben Aïssa, another former top executive, was also charged with fraud and corruption.  These arrests come in the wake of the arrest in Toronto of other executives on June this year for bribing officials in Bangladesh.

SNC –LAVALIN is the largest engineering and construction company in Canada and has recently acquired Itansuca, a Colombian company.


Abbot group limited to pay £5.6 million after corruption report

The ABBOT Group, the largest oil and gas driller in the North See, has agreed to pay US$8.9 million in a civil settlement with the Scottish Crown after it reportedly used bribes to win business overseas.

Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service

Wal-Mart inquiry reflects alarm on corruption

Wal–Mart and the United States’ Department of Justice investigation of the violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Law (anti-bribery law) by the company in Mexico and China has been extended to India and Brazil.  Wal-Mart began the investigation after they suspected company executives had orchestrated a campaign of bribery to win market dominance.


U.S. forfeits $2.1 million worth of property purchased with alleged bribes paid to the family of the former president of taiwan

The United States Department of Justice has forfeited real estate properties in Manhattan and Virgina formerly owned by the family of former President of Taiwan Shui-Bian Chen, as they were obtained from the proceeds of the bribes paid by Yuanta Securities Co. Ltd. The assets were seized by the Department of Homeland Security in the Kleptocracy Initiative which investigates foreign corrupt official who use the United States to conceal the illicit proceeds from crimes.

The United States Department of Justice

Two former top murdoch aides will be charged with bribery of public officials

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, former employees of News of the World and personal friends of British Prime Minister David Cameron, will be charged with paying bribes to public officials in exchange for information, particularly a payment of £100,000 over seven years to a Defiance Ministry official.


Central European Distribution says DOJ contacted it about FCPA breach

Central European Distribution Corp., the largest distiller and distributer of alcoholic beverages in Poland, Hungry and Russia is being investigated by the United States’ Department of Justice for performing improper payments to foreign officials in the form of presents, which were not adequately registered in the company’s books.


Barclay’s faces FCPA probe

Barclays PLC stated that in its management report that it is facing a U.S anti-corruption investigation for possible violations to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by using middlemen as brokers to connect the bank with powerful Middle Eastern interest at a time when the bank was seeking a cash injection from investors in the region. Barclays has stated that it is investigating the matter itself and cooperating with the authorities.

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