In an appellate ruling on February 9, 2015, the MOEA revoked the TIPO's  decision  that  had  rejected  an  application  for registration  of  the  mark  " 杜 老 爺 "  [meaning  "Du Esquire"] on goods in Class 29 by reason of lack of distinctiveness. The MOEA indicated that through extensive use for a long period of time, the applicant's same "杜老爺" mark had acquired distinctiveness as to "ice creams" in Class 30. Ice cream products normally are produced with ingredients such as milk, butter and/or fruits. Despite the fact that the designated goods "milk, milk shake, dairy products, butterine, nuts, jams, eggs, etc." are goods designated to a different class, they are potential ingredients for producing ice creams and, hence, are closely related to ice creams in nature.   The TIPO erred in finding that the " 杜 老 爺 " mark did not acquire secondary meaning as to  the  aforesaid designated goods in Class 29 merely because the goods belonged to a different class.