1. Chevron is exploring opportunities in the Canadian Beaufort Sea. Chevron is requesting approval from the National Energy Board to conduct 3D and/or contingent 2D swath seismic surveys in northern Canada through a ship‐borne marine geophysical program, scheduled to begin mid to late 2012. The proposed project would take place within the waters of the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, and will consist of approximately 43,000 km2.
  2. The Yukon Oil and Gas branch of Energy, Mines and Resources has received requests for oil and gas rights in the south‐central part of the Yukon. Known as the "Whitehorse Trough", the area is approximately 200 km in length and extends south of Whitehorse to the British Columbia border to just north of Carmacks. The Yukon government has developed an energy policy around natural gas development called "Energy for Yukon: The Natural Gas Solution." This policy led to the development of the oil and gas rights disposition process and it is expected that industry will uncover more potential in the Whitehorse Trough area than was estimated by the Yukon Geological Survey, the Geological Survey of Canada and the National Energy Board in 2000. In total, prior resource assessments have demonstrated that the Yukon onshore potential is more than 17 tcf of natural gas and 772 million bbls of oil. In addition to the oil and gas supply potential in the area, the demand for oil and gas is also likely to increase as a new precious metals mining boom has been sparked in the territory.