It was good news last night for Donny Dog (or rather Tracy Chandler) after she was reinstated as Doncaster Rovers’ Football Club mascot following her dismissal for posing in her smalls with her Donny Dog costume also in the picture.

The story made it to the front page of the BBC website yesterday evening and has been widely reported - Underwear Pose Mascot Reinstated.

On a, momentarily, serious note this does demonstrate a dilemma which employers sometimes face as to whether something an employee does outside of work can result in the employee being dismissed. In this case the fact that the Donny Dog outfit (or at least Donny Dog’s head judging by the pictures) was used by Ms. Chandler in the photos might well have meant, had a Tribunal ever had to decide on the issue, that the dismissal was fair. Employers should take care though as each case will turn on its own facts.

It doesn’t look like it was deliberate but I did like the following quote:-

"As far as I'm concerned I'm going to put this whole thing to bed and let Tracy get on."

Anyway, all’s well that ends well and she did do it for charity after all.