Recent global developments have demonstrated that India’s strong fundamentals and robust domestic consumption levels make it a resilient economy that can withstand global economic slowdown and declining consumption levels. These changes in India’s economy help facilitate to restore U.S. investor confidence in the economy, providing an opportunity for Ohio + U.S. companies to further enhance bilateral trade between the two jurisdictions.

5 points to know about Ohio + Columbus’ Indian Business Community:

  1. Ohio is attracting high-skilled Indian workers. Columbus has robust Indian community. Indians compromise half of Ohio’s Asian-American labor force
  2. Columbus is Sister Cities with Ahmedabad, India. Important connection because Ahmedabad is hometown of Prime Minister Modi
  3. Many business opportunities with India. Trade between US + India produces $100 billion annually
  4. The Ohio State University is a pipeline for research and commercial partnerships with India.
  5. India is the fifth-largest international destination from Port Columbus with 43 passengers a day each way. Demand for travel to India in and out of Port Columbus is up 39 percent from 2009.