On December 14, Freddie Mac issued Guide Bulletin 2017-28, providing updates and reminders to sellers regarding income used for qualifying borrowers and other matters. The bulletin expands the options for sellers when qualifying a borrower with income that starts after the date of the mortgage note, including increasing the allowable gap from 60 days to 90 days between the note date and the commencement of income, allowing for a “no-cash-out” refinance as a potential transaction type, and permitting fully approved future salary increases from a current employer as income. It also relaxes certain requirements in the event the income commences prior to the delivery date. In addressing other topics, the bulletin allows for relief from the enforcement of selling representations and warranties for mortgages that are subject to a disaster-related forbearance plan. The relief extends through the later of the applicable payment history period end date or the date the mortgage transitions out of the disaster-related forbearance plan and is brought current. Among other issues, the updates and reminders cover the eligibility of Land Trust Mortgages and “Texas Equity Mortgages” for sale to Freddie Mac, and incorporation of the new 2018 FHFA base conforming and super conforming loan limits.