United States 

Proposal to separate retail banking from investment banking and trading is being considered by Trump administration. DealBook reported that Gary D. Cohn, President Trump’s chief economic adviser, said in a meeting with the Senate Banking Committee that the administration was considering a proposal that would require separating retail banking from investment banking and trading. (4/6/2017) 

British companies must now publish average salaries of employees in an effort to tackle gender pay gap. The New York Times reported that new rules have taken effect in Britain requiring companies with 250 or more employees to publish the average salaries of the men and women they employ. The figures must reveal information like salary differences between men and women, differences in average bonuses, and the proportion of men and women who received those bonuses. The companies have until April 2018 to report the information to the government and publish it on their websites and on a government website. (4/6/2017) 


Canadian securities administrators publish summary of the roundtable on response to cyber security incidents. The CSA announced its publication of CSA Staff Notice 11-336 Summary of CSA Roundtable on Response to Cyber Security Incidents, which provides an overview of the themes discussed and some of the key takeaways. (4/6/2017) 

Canadian securities regulators seek comments on reducing regulatory burden for non-investment fund reporting issuers. The CSA announced its publication of CSA Consultation Paper 51-404 Considerations for Reducing Regulatory Burden for Non-Investment Fund Reporting Issuers, which seeks comments on potential options for reducing the regulatory burden for non-investment fund reporting issuers in the public markets. (4/6/2017) 

Canadian securities regulators seek input on proposed business conduct rules for derivatives dealers and advisers. The CSA announced the publication for comment of Proposed National Instrument 93-101 Derivatives: Business Conduct and a related proposed companion policyThe proposed instrument establishes an investor protection regime for over-the-counter derivatives markets that is consistent with international standards and foreign requirements and is intended to create a uniform approach to derivatives business conduct regulation in Canada. (4/4/2017)