Based upon what is headlining in the news, one could be forgiven for thinking that the only consultation of any real importance at the moment concerns whether or not our politicians should be given a pay hike of 11% in salary.

Whilst the overall cost of politics in the UK is no doubt an important issue, there is another equally important consultation taking place this month which concerns the overall cost of litigating cases in our national business courts.

On 16 July 2013, Mr Justice Coulson as chair of the Civil Procedure Rule Committee is holding a consultation meeting after court hours in the Rolls Building about the desirability of maintaining the current £2 million exception to mandatory costs budgeting within the Technology and Construction Court as well as the blanket exception that applies to all cases within the Admiralty and Commercial Court.

If the BBC’s Nick Robinson were covering this consultation, I am sure he would put the point like this: ‘it’s really quite simple Huw - should the current exceptions to the important regime of costs management which are aimed at keeping the costs of civil litigation within reasonable bounds be retained, modified or done away with altogether? I suspect that when one speaks to the users of our domestic courts up and down the country, there will be few who seek the exception’s retention.’

For those not attending the meeting, written representations on the issues above can be sent to and are to be received by 20 July 2013.