For small business owners located in Huntsville, Alabama, Facebook is offering a grant program to assist small business to persevere through the current stay-at-home order and COVID-19 pandemic.  The grant program intends to give $100 million and ad credits to small businesses across the country.  One of the places selected for the small business grant is Huntsville, Alabama.

While potential relief is much needed, the grant does not come without requirements and strings attached. A business must have 1) between two and fifty employees, 2) must have been in business at least one year, 3) must be willing to provide all documentation showing business status (including IRS Form W-9 or W-8), and 4) must have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 virus.  Even if all the terms are met, the grant is not guaranteed, and a decision by the selection committee is not appealable.

Once the grant money is received, Facebook curtails what the money can be spent on. For example, the money cannot be used to produce, develop, promote or distribute tobacco and alcohol, weapons, penny auctions, payday loans, paycheck advances, bail bonds, religious advertising, politics, or cosmetic surgery.

Importantly, by accepting the grant, a business grants Facebook a non-exclusive license to use, distribute, and reproduce your data. This data may be used by Facebook to develop promotional and marketing materials regarding your business’s participation in the grant program.

The link to apply for the small business grant is here.

We strongly advise each business owner applying for the grant to read the application guide and terms at this link.