EBA consults on minimum margin periods of risk: EBA is consulting, until 9 May, on draft RTS on the minimum margin periods of risk (MPOR) applicable in the calculation of own-funds requirements for a clearing member exposures to its clients. EBA has concluded that, on balance, it is reasonable to set MPOR at the same level as CCPs' estimates, in margin calculations, of the periods for liquidating positions. (Source: Draft RTS on MPOR

EBA publishes consumer trends report: EBA has published a report on consumer protection issues and the actions EBA will adopt in response to them during 2014. These include raising the status of its opinions on mortgage lending to that of guidance, starting work on sales incentives and continuing work on self-placement of financial instruments. (Source: EBA Publishes Consumer Trends Report)

EBA reports on leverage ratio definitions: EBA has published an own-initiative report on the impact of aligning the current definition of the leverage ratio in The Capital Requirements Regulation (CRR) with the revised definition published by the Basel Committee in January. The Commission has the power to amend the definition in CRR before 2015 and EBA suggests aligning it with the revised international standard or at least a clarification on how to interpret the treatment of securities financing transactions. (Source: EBA Reports on Leverage Ratio Definitions)