Recently, the Standardization Administration of China revised and issued five national standards, including the Corporate Standard System-Requirements (Draft for Approval) (the "Draft for Approval"), and sought public comments before December 15, 2016. 

The Draft for Approval provides for models of corporate standard systems and methods on how to build up standard systems by enterprises, serving as the programmatic requirements on a series of corporate standard systems. Compared to the previous national standards, the Draft for Approval pays more attention to endogenous demands of enterprises, and requires them to establish demand-oriented standard systems. Also, the Draft for Approval revises the structure of standard systems and no longer emphasizes the dominant position of technical standards, as the standard systems are now comprised of the standard system for product realization, the standard system for security, and the standard system for posts, instead of the standard system for technologies, the standard system for management, and the working standard system as in the past. In particular, the standard system for fundamental security includes the financial fund and auditing standard, quality security standard, safety and occupational health standard, environmental protection and energy conservation standard, legal affairs and risk management standard, knowledge management and information standard, and other sub-systems.