Mediation is the most effective, quickest and cheapest way of resolving issues concerning children, finance, divorce and separation.

It is a process by which the couple meet with a mediator, usually in the same room but not always, and talk through their views, feelings and proposals in order to resolve issues. The mediators use their skills and training to encourage discussion and to make sure everybody has a voice.

Mediators are skilled at dealing with a couple’s power balance and they ensure that each party knows and understands the relevance of each of the other person’s views. It is not about necessarily agreeing but understanding each other better. Mediators are not able to give detailed legal advice but legally trained mediators can give general guidance on the law on how the courts would approach the matter. Mediation is not about bringing a couple back together but resolving issues so both can move forward in their new spate lives.

The main advantage of mediation is that issues are resolved out of court, which invariably means that it is far less stressful, more cost-effective and produces results that couples agree on. That makes for a much better, longer-lasting outcome.

The process is particularly useful when there are children involved and some mediators are specifically trained to ensure the children contribute to the mediation process, and this can be very effective.

Mediation is not suitable in some cases for example where there is domestic abuse.