A Colorado district court granted a Vail resort condominium developer’s motion to compel arbitration under a condominium purchase agreement. Residents brought suit alleging that they were denied promised parking rights at the resort-side condominium they purchased, and were instead secretly substituted with valet parking rights instead, which rights were of lesser value. The residents sued the developer. The developer demanded arbitration under the purchase agreement, which the residents resisted. The developer brought a separate action to compel arbitration. The court found for the developer, rejecting the residents’ arguments that (1) they were not bound by the arbitration provision because they were not parties to the original purchase agreement, but instead were assignees; (2) the claims do not arise out of interpretation of the agreement; (3) the developer waived its right to arbitrate by failing to assert that right as an affirmative defense to the lawsuit brought by the residents, and (4) the residents’ claims under the Colorado Consumer Protection Act were not arbitrable. Stone v. Vail Resorts Development Co., No. 1:09-CV-02081 (USDC D. Col. July 1, 2010)