The BBC has recently revealed that Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust has had 64 claims instigated against it from patients operated on by one surgeon, Mr Manjit Bhamra (who is no longer working there) and that the trust has already paid out more than £1 million in compensation in respect of those claims. Mr Bhamra worked as an orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital until September 2007 and specialised in hip replacements.

A spokeswoman for the trust said: “We can confirm that we have entered into a protocol to investigate a number of claims arising from treatment provided by Mr Bhamra.”

We have been aware in the cases that we deal with of the increasing number of claims arising from orthopaedic surgery and the concentration of numbers of claims relating to orthopaedic surgery at some hospitals. The figures published in relation to Mr Bhamra emphasise the need for specialists practising in orthopaedics, due to its complexity, but also the importance of trusts having systems in place to identify where an individual has a high complication / failure rate and to investigate problems quickly to avoid high numbers of injured patients and subsequent claims.