The chief engineer of an ocean-going ship that transported cargo between various ports in Asia and the United States has reportedly pleaded guilty in federal court to violating an international treaty and the federal Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships. U.S. v. Sikharuidze, No. 10-32 (E.D.N.C plea entered 05/30/10). According to the criminal information, defendant allegedly ordered the illegal discharge of oil-contaminated waste and failed to maintain accurate records in March 2010. An estimated 13,200 gallons of this waste were allegedly discharged using a pipe that bypassed the vessel’s oil and water separator. The defendant also allegedly made false entries in the required record book and failed to record the improper discharge. According to a news source, defendant faces up to six years in prison and a maximum $250,000 fine. See BNA Daily Environment Report, May 4, 2010.