On January 28, 2013, U.S. EPA published a notice in the Federal Register that it is seeking public comment on national enforcement initiatives for 2014 through 2016. The Agency is considering extending the current six national enforcement initiatives for another three years:

  1. Municipal Infrastructure – discharges from combined sewer systems;

  2. Mineral Processing – hazardous waste management at mineral processing facilities;

  3. New Source Review – emissions from the utility sector, cement plants, glass plants, and acid production plants;

  4. Air Toxics – toxic emissions from high risk facilities, including aspects of leak detection and repair (LDAR), flares, and excess emissions;

  5. Energy Extraction – land-based natural gas extraction facilities; and

  6. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations – waste discharges from these facilities.

U.S. EPA is also inviting the public to propose new sectors or areas of consideration for priority enforcement. The Agency chooses a new sector initiative based on three criteria:

  1. Its environmental impact;

  2. Significant noncompliance; and

  3. The appropriateness of a federal role.

The Agency is also considering "Next Generation Compliance" strategies that would utilize advanced monitoring technologies and electronic reporting to streamline enforcement. The deadline for submittal of comments is February 27, 2013.