Talk about a challenge! Hogan Lovells lawyers Norm Coleman and Bob Kyle recently made a tour of Hogan Lovells' European offices, seeking to explain the unprecedented and highly contentious November U.S. Presidential Election to European audiences. Norm and Bob visited our offices in Paris, Madrid, and London to speak to clients who have been scratching their heads over developments in America. Norm is a former Republican senator from Minnesota. Bob is a former official in the Democratic Clinton White House. So these presentations showcased the firm's bipartisan credentials.

What did they say?

The presentations not only gave an analysis of the outlook for the presidential vote, but also discussed the tenor of the American electorate, the increasing political polarization in the U.S., divisions within Congress, and the effects of the 2008 financial crisis on politics in the U.S. and Europe. Audience Q&A was active and opinionated after each presentation.

The Gov Reg angle

These presentations were an excellent chance for Hogan Lovells to showcase the breadth of capabilities of our legislative practice. Several offices noted that no other law firm in their city was doing this kind of thing – which set Hogan Lovells apart. The presentations helped demonstrate in a very tangible way the political and regulatory dimensions of the firm, which can facilitate cross-selling "across the pond." Simply put, the presentations were also a big draw – giving Hogan Lovells offices in these cities a unique opportunity to engage with key clients and showcase the importance of our legislative and regulatory experience.

But wait, there's more!

The elections are just days away. Keep an eye out for further presentations and news from the Government Regulatory Practice Group after the new president is elected, as the new administration takes shape, and as policies begin to emerge. Believe it or not, electing the president is just the first step!

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