An article written by the World Trademark Review on the 5th August 2019 provides a good insight into the counterfeit threat areas in Kazakhstan, of which all were found to be in Almaty. Open-air markets were found to be popular locations for fakes: Aqbulaq for fashion fakes, Yalan for fashion and technology fakes and Barys for household chemicals, personal care products and alcohol products. Trade centre’s Adem and Passage are recognised as having a large number of fashion fakes, whilst trade centre Car City has many fake car parks, auto parts, engine oils and car alarms and Student Cellular Centre (near Atakent Mall in Almaty) have many fake mobile phones, electronics and accessories. Tim Lince, senior reporter at the World Trademark Review, recommends that brand owners affected should take the hard line when combating the circulation of counterfeit goods by conducting more raids in these areas.