EP A has issued Plan EJ 2014, described as the agency’s roadmap for integrating environmental justice into regulatory decisions and policies. It addresses inequitable environmental impacts on the poor and minority groups. According to the plan, EP A intends to empower local communities to address environmental issues. The plan focuses on the next three years, ending in 2014, when EP A will assess how well the plan achieved its goals and will determine next steps on environmental justice activities. In addition to incorporating environmental justice into permitting, compliance and enforcement, EP A intends to consider environmental justice goals when it develops national policies and initiatives.

The plan also states that EP A will address environmental justice by (i) supporting scientific research that aims to find solutions to environmental and health inequalities, (ii) providing legal assistance to EP A officials to advance environmental justice objectives, (iii) collecting and using geospatial information about overburdened communities, (iv) providing financial and technical assistance