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Employee fired for Facebook selfie

A Georgia employee was recently terminated from his position at a marketing firm as a result of a disgraceful Facebook “selfie.” In this case, the…

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Supervisor's "girl power" strong enough for sex discrimination lawsuit

A New York federal court judge ruled that "girl power" was strong enough to provide the basis for a sex discrimination suit brought by a male…

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Top 10 workplace investigation mistakes: part II

In part one of this two-part series, we covered five of the most common mistakes that employers make while conducting workplace investigations…

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NLRB continues crackdown on employment policies

Continuing the National Labor Relations Board's (NLRB) focus on employer handbook provisions, an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) for the agency…

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Top 10 workplace investigation mistakes: Part I

Resolving conflict in the workplace is a key issue for employers. Legal requirements have continued to expand in terms of what courts expect…

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After he allegedly showed up drunk to practice, should former USC football coach Steve Sarkisian have been placed on FMLA leave instead of being terminated?A

A question was posed to me on Twitter this past week: Shouldn’t former University of Southern California (USC) football coach Steve Sarkisian have been placed on FMLA leave to get treatment for apparent alcoholism instead of getting sacked by USC?

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What’s next? More bad news for employers

In August, the Labor Board reversed thirty years of precedent in its Browning-Ferris decision. It is poised to do it again. This time the precedent dates back to 1973.

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Do we have to keep track of exempt employee time? [wage & hour FAQ]

Q. We keep track of work hours for non-exempt employees using an electronic timekeeping system. For our exempt employees, we really have no records of how many hours they are working each day or week. Are we required to? Even if it's not required, should we?

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Alcoholism and how USC may have violated ADA by firing Steve Sarkisian

On October 12, 2015, Steve Sarkisian was fired as  head coach of the University of Southern California (USC) football team. While USC contends Sarkisian was fired for “cause,” there is no question that his alcohol-related behavior led to his termination. Whether the termination was or was not properly for “cause” is relevant…

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How employers can combat timecard fraud and employee wage theft

There is nothing so central to wage-hour laws than the sacred domain of “hours worked.” The concept is simple: employees record the time they spend working, and from this data employers generate labor budgets and employee pay checks. 

Unfortunately for employers, employee theft through timecard fraud is a real cost…

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