As part of the ongoing reform of the Civil Aviation Sector in Angola, Presidential Decree no. 206/20, published on August 3, approved the Global Strategy for the Airport System. This strategy aims to achieve various objectives, from which we highlight the following: to promote the growth of the sector, the foreign direct investment and the economic, financial and social sustainability of the system, as well as to reinforce safety in operations and to align the regulatory and tariff framework with the best international practices.

The strategic guidelines of development included in this global strategy are the following:

  • Airspace liberalisation in the context of the SAATM ("Single African Air Transport Market") project and a new strategic concept for TAAG, taking into account new entrants in the market
  • Review of the legal and regulatory framework in line with international recommendations and best practices, notably transforming INAVIC into an effective Civil Aviation Authority
  • Definition of strategy for the different airport and aerodrome segments, with Luanda as a "Hub/Gateway Airport" and the others as "Origin/Destination Airports" further divided into three new categories
  • Attracting and promoting routes (aviation marketing)
  • Definition of a strategic vision for the non-aviation business, with a special focus on the commercial retail approach, the definition of prices and fares according to the airport segment, the real estate strategy for the spaces assigned to the airport system, and the efficient management of advertising, parks and car rental
  • Adequacy of tariff frame for regulated and unregulated activities
  • Modernisation of the other key sector entities (ANAC, ANIPAA e ENNA)
  • Definition of the privatisation model of the future concessionaire of the system - SGA - through the sale of a majority stake to private investors, preferably to international airport operators with solid experience

Before this decree was enacted, Presidential Decree no. 207/20, of 1 July, created the future concessionaire Sociedade Gestora de Aeroportos, S.A. ("SGA") and provided for the possibility of airport services concessions to other companies. To this end, a strategy for the airport system had to be defined beforehand, and this was done in this decree.