On 19 November 2010, the CB issued the findings of its themed onsite inspections of how insurers handle motor insurance claims from third parties. The aim of the inspection was to establish if firms had appropriate practices and procedures in place in line with the Consumer Protection Code (the CPC). Overall, the CB found that firms were providing a reasonable level of assistance to third party motor insurance claimants and were endeavouring to pay claims with as little delay as possible, once liability had been accepted. However, certain issues were identified in a small number of firms, including non-compliance with the CPC's timescale for paying claims (10 business days) and informing claimants of settlement offers verbally, as oppose to in writing, as required. The inspection also found that some firms did not inform the policyholder during the claims processing stage of the fact that settlement of the claim will affect future insurance contracts of that type. Rather, they were informed at policy renewal stage, when it would be too late for the policyholder to consider the cost of making the claim.