According to a review of federal contracting records by The Washington Times, federal agencies under the Obama administration have provided tens of millions of dollars in grants to unions for things such safety and job training, union membership recruitment, and for stirring up support for the president’s health care initiative, Obamacare. According to The Washington Times, during President George W. Bush’s tenure the federal government awarded about $29 million in grants to two of the largest unions, the AFL-CIO and SEIU. In contrast, federal agencies during President Obama’s tenure have thus far awarded at least $53 million to these two groups.    

The Central States Pension Fund, which provides pension benefits for more than 400,000 teamsters (and their beneficiaries) in the supermarket, construction, and trucking industries, may cut pension funds of current and retired members by about 23 percent to prevent insolvency. The cut is permitted under new legislation allowing adjustments to be made to retirement benefits. Even if union members disapprove the cuts, the cuts may still be implemented under the new law because of the need to protect the pension fund from insolvency.