On 22 July 2008 the European Commission published a statement declaring that, based on the information at its disposal, aid measures granted by the Italian Government to Alitalia were incompatible with the Common Market. Under the Decree Law of 22 April 2008, the Italian authorities granted a loan of EUR 300 million to Alitalia to enable it to overcome its financial problems. This loan was followed by a second Decree Law of 27 May 2008 allowing Alitalia to incorporate that sum into its equity capital. The statement, which was part of a formal invitation to interested parties to present comments on the aid, comes just over a month after an in-depth investigation was opened by the Commission (see Brussels Brief, 13 June 2008). In its statement, the Commission took the view that the aid provided Alitalia with an economic advantage it would not have had under normal market conditions. Furthermore, both rescue and restructuring aid had been granted to the company within the past ten years, which precluded the Italian Government from granting aid at this time.