The Crown Commercial Service (“CCS”) has issued PPN 10/15 to remind public sector bodies of the impending deadline to submit the annual statistical information required by Regulation 40 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 (“PCR 2006”).

The PPN is directly applicable to Central Government Departments (including their Executive Agencies, and Non Departmental Public Bodies) and the wider public sector (including local authorities and NHS bodies).

Whilst the deadline for submission of the annual return is 10 July 2015, CCS requires the completion of the online registration by 26 June 2015. The reporting period covers 2013 and 2014.

Information must be provided for each contract and framework (but not call-off contracts) awarded where the estimated value exceeds the applicable threshold (including as a result of the aggregation rules) unless an exemption applies under the Regulations. PPN 10/15 provides further submission guidance and includes a reminder that compliance with Regulation 40 is a legal requirement and that where relevant “nil returns” should also be submitted.