At FCA's markets conference:

  • Martin Wheatley spoke on modelling integrity through culture. He looked at the changing regulatory landscape and agenda, and at FCA's focus on culture exemplified by some recent legislative and regulatory changes. He also stressed FCA's role in international regulation, saying it had to be pragmatic to help firms "roll out" the necessary systems to comply with new requirements; and
  • David Lawton spoke on how FCA's approach to markets regulation is evolving. He looked at the driving factors, which he said were the complexity and dynamism of the markets, FCA's own policy agenda and the fact that regulation has not up to now delivered the outcomes FCA wants. He spoke on FCA's three objectives and how it is working towards them in terms of ensuring resilient infrastructures, transparency for consumers and competition in the way market structures operate.

(Source: Martin Wheatley Speech at Markets Conference and David Lawton Speech at Markets Conference)