While admitting no wrongdoing, DirecTV agreed to pay $150,000 to the U.S. Treasury to settle an FCC investigation into the company’s compliance with the agency’s equal employment opportunity (EEO) rules. The settlement comes as part of a consent decree, signed by DirecTV and the FCC last Friday, which responds to DirecTV’s voluntary admission that it inadvertently failed to file and maintain annual EEO reports as required by the FCC between 2003 and 2007. DirecTV further advised the agency that it also failed to make reports on its EEO efforts available for public inspection during the period in question and that it took corrective action soon after being made aware of the reporting lapses in June 2005. Notwithstanding the apparent rule violations, DirecTV told the FCC that it “had in place a continuing program of practices designed to ensure equal employment opportunity to job applicants and employees” and added that the company had “periodically reviewed its efforts to recruit, hire, and promote employees and to use the services of recruitment sources and businesses without discrimination.” In addition to paying the voluntary fine, DirecTV pledged under the consent decree to adopt and abide by an EEO compliance plan that calls, among other things, for (1) the creation of an EEO compliance manual to be prepared with the assistance of FCC counsel, (2) the appointment of one or more employees who will oversee EEO compliance, and (3) semi-annual internal reviews of its EEO compliance and outreach for three years. In comments to the press, DirecTV emphasized its “long-standing commitment to maintaining a workforce that is representative of the diverse communities in which it does business.”