A deaf consumer has filed a lawsuit against Taco Bell Corp. and two franchisees alleging the company discriminated against her by refusing to allow her to order from the drive-through window. Cirrincione v. Taco Bell Corp., No. 33-0001 (D.N.J., filed July 13, 2016). At one location, the plaintiff alleges she wrote her order on a piece of paper and handed it to a Taco Bell employee at the drive-through window, and a manager then “berated Plaintiff for utilizing the drive through and for placing her order at the ‘pick-up’ window” because it “interfered with the desired flow of business.”

At another location, the plaintiff asserts she again wrote her order and handed it to an employee, then “the note was slipped back through the drive-through window,” the window was shut and the order was not processed, “and no Taco Bell employee communicated with Plaintiff in any way, leaving Plaintiff humiliated, frustrated, and confused.” She alleges she then entered the store and “attempted to get the attention of the employees therein, but each and every one of them simply ignored her. She left without being served.” For alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act and New Jersey Law Against Discrimination, the plaintiff seeks an order compelling Taco Bell “to develop, implement, promulgate, and comply with a policy prohibiting future discrimination” and a training program as well as damages and attorney’s fees.