Following the launch of Ukrainian vaccination paper certificates for international travel back in April, the Government of Ukraine adopted regulation No. 677 on digital COVID certificates on 29 June 2021. According to this Regulation, the digital COVID certificate will be digital proof that a person has:

  • been fully vaccinated against COVID-19;
  • received a negative PCR test result; or
  • recovered from COVID-19.

Citizens of Ukraine, foreign nationals/stateless individuals with temporary/permanent residency permits, and individuals with refugee status will be eligible to obtain digital certificates.

There will be two types of digital certificates:

  • Digital certificates for domestic use will contain only the name, photo of the holder and a unique number. These certificates will allow the holders to access public places in the event of additional quarantine measures such as lockdowns.
  • Digital certificates for international use will contain more details, including information on the country and authority that issued the certificate, vaccination (name and serial number of the vaccine, date and country of vaccination), or negative PCR testing (information on test, place and date of testing), or recovery from COVID-19 (date of the first positive test, term of validity of the digital certificate). The Government of Ukraine anticipates that digital certificates for international use will be interoperable with the EU system of digital COVID certificates.

Both types of certificate will also be available in paper form.

Fully vaccinated individuals will be eligible to upload their digital certificates through the DIIA application or on the portal[1], or to collecting a paper copy of the digital certificate from a primary healthcare service provider connected to the e-Health system. The DIIA app/portal administrator launched digital certificates in test mode on July 1.

The term of a digital certificate’s validity will depend on the type of certificate: (a) 180 days for vaccination; (b) 72 hours for a negative PCR test; (c) 180 days for recovering from COVID-19.

Overall, the digital COVID certificate system in Ukraine mirrors the EU approach to these certificates in all practical aspects, as they are designed to be interoperable with the EU system.

It is expected that digital certificates will become fully operational in Ukraine when the country reaches an agreement with the EU Commission on the mutual recognition of digital certificates.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Digital Transformation, is currently negotiating with the EU Commission and individual states on the mutual recognition of international certificates.