In a recent arbitration decision, an arbitrator upheld the old adage that “two wrongs don’t make a right.” In In re Schnucks Markets, a clearly intoxicated Caucasian customer began arguing with an African American server at a ballpark concession stand over a food order. The customer was extremely hostile and abusive, and his tirade included the N-word. The employee responded with his own profanity-laced tirade. A manager intervened and called security to deal with the customer. The worker was terminated for violating the company’s clear policies for dealing with difficult or abusive customers and “conduct unbecoming of an employee in public.” The arbitrator upheld the discharge, finding that the company (1) had clear, written policies regarding how to handle abusive customers, (2) trained public contact employees about those policies, and (3) provided prompt management attention whenever an employee properly followed the policies and reported an incident.