Leer en Español: Se Publican Nuevos Lineamientos para la Imposición de Sanciones Previstas en la Ley Federal del Trabajo

The Mexico Federal Official Gazette, on March 12, 2018, published the "General Rules for applying fines provided in article 530 Bis of the Mexican Federal Labor Law."

The rules set forth the mechanism for fining an employer or labor union up to US$450 when it misses an appointment set by the Ministry of Labor.

This sanction was already provided by the Mexican Federal Labor Law. However, in practice it was not applied. It is likely that with the enactment of these latest rules, applying this sanction will become common practice when employers miss the conciliation meetings set by the Ministry of Labor.

Based on the foregoing, it is important for employers and labor unions to attend to all Ministry of Labor notifications received in order to prevent unnecessary sanctions.