On July 22, the Federal Register published the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) request for comments on the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s (OCIO) intent to “request approval for the continuation of and changes to the [USDA] Registration Form to Request Electronic Access Code information collection to allow USDA customers to securely and confidently share data and receive services electronically.” The USDA’s eAuthentication Service (eAuth) collects customer and employee information in order to provide “public citizens as well as federal government employees with a secure single sign-on capability for USDA applications, management of user credentials, and verification of identity, authorization and electronic signatures.” The online self-registration process and identity proofing service, which is voluntary, permits USDA customers and employees to access to USDA Web applications and services via the Internet. As it currently exists, the eAuth service allows customers to access USDA Web site portals through two Levels of Assurance (LOAs). LOA 1 provides limited access to portals and applications that have minimal security requirements. LOA 2 “enables users to conduct official electronic business transactions via the Internet, enter into a contract with the USDA, and submit forms electronically via the Internet to USDA agencies.” The OCIO is developing LOA 3, which, if authorized, would provide public citizens with accounts. LOA 3 would require the same level of self-registration and identity proofing, but would also incorporate strong multi-factor authentication credentials for access to secure, high risk, or sensitive systems. Comments on the USDA’s notice are due by September 20, 2016.