On September 30, 2016, the FAR Council issued an interim rule prohibiting discrimination connected with compensation information. The interim rule implements Executive Order 13665, “Non-Retaliation for Disclosure of Compensation Information,” and a related DoL rule at FAR §22.802 (General), FAR §52.222-26 (Equal Opportunity) and related clauses. It prohibits contractors from discriminating against an employee or applicant for employment because he or she inquired about, discussed or disclosed the compensation of the employee or applicant or another employee or applicant. The prohibition does not apply to instances where an employee has access to compensation information due to essential job functions and discloses that information to any unauthorized party. The interim rule includes definitions, the new prohibition and related clauses. The interim rule became effective on September 30, 2016. Interested parties should submit written comments on or before November 29, 2016. (81 Fed. Reg. 67,732, 09/30/16)