Local time October 3, SIPO director Changyu Shen introduced current status of China’s IP Protection at the 56th WIPO Member Meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland. Shen mentioned China’s latest achievements after last year’s efforts in building a strong IP system and praised WIPO’s performance in various aspects. Shen also expressed his opinions that the rules of WIPO should be more inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all. He also appealed all members to speed up the approval of and join the Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances and looked forward to positive outcomes on topics such as Industrial Design Treaty.

At the end of 2015, Chinese government released Several Opinions on Stepping up the Building of a Powerful IP System under New Settings, which deployed 106 programs. In early 2016, the government included IP 13th Five Year Plan into key projects of China, creating a new top­down design for the development IP industry. At present, China is implementing the above plans for building a strong IP system.

In the early half of 2016, SIPO accepted 553, 000 invention patent applications, (a year­on­year increase of 30.5%), 19, 000 PCT international applications (a year­on­year increase of 43.3%), and 1.74 million TM applications (a year­on­year increase of 32%). In 2015, the number of copyright registration has reached 1.641 million marking a year­on­year increase of 35.5%. China is still one of the major driving forces for fast growth of IP application globally.