The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that it will be performing Information Technology upgrades to its systems starting at 6:00 pm Eastern on Wednesday, September 2, through 8:00 am Tuesday, September 8, 2015. A majority of the Commission’s online content and filing systems will be unavailable during this period. Accordingly, the FCC is extending the filing deadlines for all regulatory and enforcement filings that fall between September 2-8, 2015 to Wednesday, September 9, 2015. Please note that some online systems will be taken down earlier than 6:00 pm on September 2: notably the Wireless Bureau’s Universal Licensing System (ULS) will be down as of midnight on September 2.

To the extent that responsive or reply pleadings are keyed to a date that falls within this time period, the time to respond or reply has been correspondingly extended. For example, if Comments are due September 3, with Reply Comments due 10 business days later on September 18, the new Comment deadline is September 9, with the Reply Comments due 10 business days later on September 23.

The FCC cannot waive statutory filing deadlines, such as those associated with petitions for reconsideration, without a request for extension. Accordingly, the Commission is deeming itself as closed for the filing of documents with statutory deadlines as of 6:00 p, on Wednesday, September 2. All statutory deadlines falling between September 2-4, 2015, will be deemed timely if filed on September 8. The Commission will consider individual requests for extensions of time, consistent with normal practice.

More information about these changes can be found here. (DA 15-940)