The FCA has published Handbook Notice 22, which sets out changes made to the FCA Handbook under its legislative powers on 4 June 2015. 

The relevant instruments include:

  • Insurance: Conduct of Business Sourcebook (Guaranteed Asset Protection Contracts) Instrument 2015 – this instrument makes changes intended to improve customer decision-making when purchasing GAP insurance and promote effective competition in the market.  It comes into force on 1 September 2015.
  • Supervision Manual (Remuneration Reporting No 3) Instrument 2015 – this instrument improves process to make collection of integrated data more efficient and accessible for firms and the FCA.  It will come into force on 30 June 2015.
  • Mortgage Credit Directive (Consumer Buy-to-Let) Instrument 2015 – this instrument implements the legislative regulatory regime for consumer buy-to-let mortgages.  It comes into force on 21 March 2016.

The Handbook Notice can be read in full here.