Sugar Program Extended to Renewable Chemical, Biobased Product Companies

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced December 3 that renewable chemicals and biobased products will have an opportunity to bid on Commodity Credit Corporation sugar through the Feedstock Flexibility Program. Under the program, the Department purchases excess sugar to keep the price high, and it then sells the product to companies. In the past, only biofuels companies could purchase the sugar.

Water and Wastewater Funding Provided

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced December 4 that the Rural Development Water and Environmental Program is providing $203 million in funding for water and infrastructure improvement projects. The 74 projects span three dozen states.

Energy Efficiency Loan Program Created

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, in a December 5 Federal Register announcement, said it will provide up to $250 million as part of an energy efficiency and conservation loan program. The funds will be provided to rural electric co-ops and utilities for loans to businesses and residential customers.