12... as the twelve measures proposed by the Committee for Tourism Promotion in favor of hotel trade, investment, business tourism and shopping to be implemented by 2020.

In order to cope with an inadequate accommodation offer, in particular for business tourism, and to develop "shopping tourism" mostly from emerging countries (BRICS, Korea, etc), the Committee made 12 proposals for 2020, among others, the creation of a private investment fund dedicated to tourism, the simplification of the existing tax measures so as to foster the rehabilitation of touristic accommodation, a measure to ensure equity between the different kinds of accommodations facing the development of individuals offer, the strengthening of the cooperation among professionals, the improvement of tourists safety, and the adoption of a policy promoting France as a shopping country. The aim of these measures is, obviously, to reach the target of 100 million of tourists in 2020, but mostly to make France the leading tourism destination not only in number of visitors but also in terms of revenue.