The Centre for Health and Social Care Law at Cardiff University is undertaking research on welfare cases in the  Court of Protection. The project is funded by the Nuffield Foundation. The project is led by Professor Phil Fennell. Dr Lucy Series is the researcher working on the project, and Professor Luke Clements and Dr Julie Doughty are project consultants.

The project aims to gather information about the process of using the Court of Protection, and the views of those who work within the court or use it as litigants. The researchers will use a range of research methods, including: a statistical analysis of court files to look at patterns of use, demographic issues and procedural questions; focus groups and interviews with a range of stakeholders involved in the Court of Protection; observations of proceedings and roundtable discussions on key policy themes with invited stakeholders.

Research findings and information about the project for both specialists and the general public will be published on a dedicated website.

The researchers are very grateful to the judges and staff at the Court of Protection and the Ministry of Justice for their considerable assistance and support in helping to set up this project. Questions, comments or suggestions for the research team from practitioners and others are welcomed; please direct them to Professor Phil Fennell ([email protected]).