IOSCO consults on critical services methodology: IOSCO is consulting on the assessment methodology for the oversight expectations applicable to critical service providers. This complements the 2012 Principles for financial market infrastructures (FMIs), which include an annex on the Oversight expectations applicable to critical service providers. IOSCO comments that an FMI may be dependent on the continuous and adequate functioning of third-party service providers that are critical to its operations. It now proposes an assessment methodology and guidance for authorities in assessing an FMI’s critical service providers against the oversight expectations in the 2012 Principles. It will also help the critical service providers to comply with the oversight expectations. IOSCO asks for comments by 20 February 2014. (Source: IOSCO Consults on Critical Services Methodology)

IOSCO reports on retail structured products: IOSCO has published its final report on the regulation of retail structured products. The report sets out a regulatory toolkit including 15 tools regulators might use to better protect investors buying these products. The report covers potential:

  • regulatory approach to retail structured products;
  • regulation of the product design and issuance;
  • regulation of product disclosure and marketing;
  • regulation of the product distribution; and
  • regulation of post-sales practices.

(Source: IOSCO Reports on Retail Structured Products)

IOSCO publishes Commission letter on CCPs: IOSCO has published Michel Barnier's response to a letter from Asia Pacific securities regulators on equivalence of CCPs in the region for the purposes of EMIR and the CRR. (Source: IOSCO Publishes Commission Letter on CCPs)