The Accessibility for Manitobans Act strives to achieve accessibility for all Manitobans disabled by a barrier. It is intended to govern accessibility by creating regulations in a number of areas, including for example, the delivery of goods, services and information. Under the Act, organizations must identify barriers to accessible customer service, seek to remove existing barriers, and seek to prevent new barriers from being created.

The Customer Service Standard Regulation under the Act requires that private organizations that provide goods or services in Manitoba and that have at least one employee in Manitoba implement a Customer Service Accessibility Policy by November 1, 2018.

A Customer Service Accessibility Policy must touch upon the following points:

  • How the organization will communicate with customers disabled by a barrier;
  • Recognize that customers may use assistive devices, support persons and service animals to access goods and services;
  • How the organization will notify customers if their premises are temporarily inaccessible and any alternatives that may be available;
  • Staff training requirements with respect to accessibility; and
  • How the organization will collect and consider feedback about the accessibility of its goods and services.