Shepherd and Wedderburn has recently helped The Scottish Renewables Forum ("SRF") develop an amendment to the Connection and Use of System Code which is aimed at making significant changes to the queue for grid connections for renewables projects.

The amendment proposes a new charging product (called Interim TEC or ITEC) which offers Transmission Entry Capacity subject to limited restrictions. Essentially NGET will be able to interrupt the generator's output up to a predefined number of hours per year without compensating the generator. The proposal had its first hearing on 15 December at the CUSC panel and has been well received by NGET and developers alike.

The proposed product is aimed at projects which have a signed connection agreement with a connection date subject to completion of Transmission Reinforcement Works. For example, any project subject to the Beauly – Denny upgrade with a signed connection agreement could benefit. As soon as planning permission/S36 consent is available for the relevant upgrade, the developer will entitled to be awarded ITEC and will not have to wait until actual construction of the upgrade. Once awarded, ITEC will apply until TEC is available in accordance with the relevant Bilateral Agreement (including the relevant Bilateral Construction Agreement).