On November 22, the FDIC released an update to the Questions and Answers Related to the Brokered Deposits Rule. The FDIC clarified in a new FAQ in conjunction with the updated Brokered Deposit framework that, with respect to the “facilitation” definition’s first prong, a “third party that has legal authority, contractual or otherwise, to direct another entity (e.g., custodial agent) to move a depositor’s funds or close a depositor’s account would meet the first prong of the ‘facilitation’ definition.” The FAQ specified, however, that such third parties would not meet this first prong if the third party directs another entity to move depositor funds or close a depositor’s account “based only upon either instructions or an approval received from the depositor for each occurrence and specific to each deposit account.” The FAQ further noted that third parties recommending the placement of funds in a particular deposit account may meet the second and/or third prong of the “facilitation” definition depending on various facts and circumstances.