The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), which was tasked by the European Commission to help identify standardised cloud computing standards in Europe, has published a report that maps out the cloud standard landscape in Europe and suggests recommendations for the industry.

ETSI’s mission was to “cut through the jungle of standards”, but this 59-page report does not make adhering to cloud computing standards an easy task for any organisation intending to offer cloud services. The report suggests that this area is “not chaotic and by no means a jungle”. However, given that the report itself admits that the legal environment for cloud computing is “highly challenging” and also notes that there are important gaps in the standards, it is hard to see how they strike such an optimistic note – the fragmented cloud computing standards remain a major stumbling block for the industry.

This is another step in the EU’s efforts to develop a cloud industry to compete with the US, an initiative whose success remains to be seen. ETSI has said it looks forward to a maturation of cloud standardisation in the next 18 months.