Technology plays an increasingly important role in almost every aspect of life and does not stop at international arbitration. While technology could facilitate the conduct of international arbitration proceedings, it also contains risks. The ICCA, the New-York City Bar Association, and the International Institution for Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) launched a working group on cybersecurity to address these risks and the need for cybersecurity in international arbitration (click here to view the ICCA’s announcement).

Pursued objective is to develop guidelines on cybersecurity in international arbitration and protocols to use on a voluntary basis. The working group will prepare a consultation paper which will be open for discussion at the 24th ICCA Congress in Sydney, taking place from 15th – 18th April 2018.

The theme of the ICCA Congress will be “Evolution and Adaption: The Future of International Arbitration”. One of the Congress’ sessions will address the issue of “Technology as disruption” (click here to view the preliminary programme). A question to discuss will be how cybersecurity could be achieved. It will be seen which suggestions the ICCA-NYC Bar-CPR Working Group will provide.