In 2020, entities incorporated in the country having no income of Costa Rican source must register before the Tax Authorities and submit a yearly equity statement to the Tax Authorities.

Regulation number DGT-075-2019, published in The Gazzete on December 20, 2019, establishes the obligation to register and submit a tax return for non-operative companies incorporated in Costa Rica.

Based on article 1 of the Regulation, legal entities domiciled in Costa Rica having no income of Costa Rican source must register in the Taxpayers Registry (RUT) of the Tax Authorities. Information of the legal representative, the fiscal domicile, as well as the business activity "960113 legal entities incorporated in the country that do not carry out business activity from Costa Rican source" must be included in the form.

The submission of the information should be done through the Virtual Tax Administration (ATV) platform. Tax Authorities will automatically assign the business activity 960113 to those companies that have recently updated the information of the legal representative and fiscal address recently. Therefore, if the company has the information updated in the ATV, the registration should not be performed again.

Registration in the RUT should be done in the month that corresponds based on the last number of their corporate identification number as detailed below:

Corporate numbers ending in: Month:
1 and 2: January 2020
3 and 4: February 2020
5 and 6: March 2020
7 and 8: April 2020
9 and 0: May 2020

Additionally, non- operative entities must submit form D.135 "Statement of Equity of non-operative legal entities" to inform on their assets, liabilities and capital stock. Form D135 should be submitted yearly no later than March 15th. Form will be available in the ATV platform.