The Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation has adopted an Order on the forms and decision-making procedure with respect to determining the country of origin of goods. The forms and procedure come into force on 5 November 2012.

Information on the country of origin is used to obtain tariff preferences on imported goods, and this information is indicated by the importer itself in the customs declaration. If the officials at the customs terminal or office take such information at face value, then the goods are released. However, if there are any suspicions and/or inconsistencies, then the customs officials conduct a more thorough examination of the declaration, which could result in having to pay any missing customs duties. The Order also stipulates the procedure for deciding the country of origin of goods if any inaccurate information is detected after such goods have been released from customs.

The Order indirectly affects importers, as it formalises the procedure for customs officials to decide the country of origin of goods under the respective federal law on customs regulations in Russia. This formality did not exist previously.

[Order No. 1565 of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation “On Approving the Form and Procedure for Deciding the Country of Origin of Goods and/or Providing Tariff Preferences”, dated 2 August 2012]