The initial sunrise application period in which to block .xxx domain names is now open to owners of registered trademarks until 28th October 2011. During this period, trademark owners can apply to block the use of .xxx domain names that correspond to their registered trademarks. A successful application will prevent the use of the blocked domain name for a minimum of 10 years.

During the initial application period, only .xxx domain names that correspond to a registered trademark or variations of the registered trademark with non-standard characters removed can be blocked.

All applications to block .xxx domain names will be assessed at the same time so that no priority is given to early applications in the initial application period. Nevertheless, applications should not be delayed so as to allow sufficient time to review the applications and gather the necessary supporting materials.

Blocking the use of .xxx domain names that correspond to registered trademarks will help to prevent third parties from exploiting these trademarks in connection with adult-themed entertainment. This will allow trademark owners to protect the integrity of their brand proactively without dealing with costly future domain name disputes. It is therefore recommended that trademark owners consider blocking at least their core trademarks from use as a .xxx domain name.