Following the November elections in which they were disappointed at many levels, the Democrats are selecting new leadership for the Democratic National Committee. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) promptly put himself in the running and is rounding up endorsements, including one from the AFL-CIO. According to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, “Under [Ellison]’s leadership, the Democratic Party will embody the values that our members stand for every day.” The endorsement came one week after Mr. Trumka took a straw poll of union leaders in which the options given were fairly narrow: to support Rep. Ellison, to abstain, or to make no endorsement at this time. The AFL-CIO endorsement may have shut the doors on Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, who aggressively supported organized labor’s agenda at the DOL but who waited to state his intent to seek the position until December 15, after the AFL-CIO endorsement of Rep. Ellison. Secretary Perez has support from his home state party in Maryland, and Mr. Trumka has called him a “strong” candidate, but whether his candidacy draws interest remains to be seen. Two other candidates for the position are state party officials in South Carolina and New Hampshire. Regardless of who becomes the DNC chair in March 2017, expect the Democratic leadership to pursue an agenda that favors organized labor.